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JavaScript - Check if array


A JavaScript code example for checking if a given variable is an array.

The HTML has an output element with id "output" to display the check result.

<p id="output"></p>

The isArray() method can be used to check if a value is an array.
The isArray() method returns "true" if an array, "false" otherwise.

The isArray() method has the following characteristics:

Empty array: true
Multidimensional array: true
Object: false
Array containing objects: false

let array = ['Apple', 'Banana', 'Grape'];

// Check if array
if (Array.isArray(array)) {
	document.querySelector('#output').textContent = 'It is an array';
} else {
	document.querySelector('#output').textContent = 'It is not an array';

JavaScript - Check if array

TitleJavaScript - Check if array